Proper child promotion

It is proved that by the age of three the child is quite well adapted to the world around him. Children already have thoughts on what they are doing and why. As a rule, they do something, wanting to attract the attention of both parents and others. But it happens that getting the desired calm behavior does not work. At such moments, the child realizes that in order to attract the attention of elders one needs to behave worse. If you immediately begin to scold the child for your objectionable act, then make a mistake. The best way to start is to analyze the behavior of not your own, but your child.
At this age, many children are led by emotions. If he laughed and played five minutes ago, now he can shed tears, although there was no reason for this. It is never to be overlooked. When a child does not pay attention to your requests, for example, does not go to help you with something, he does this not because he is so mean, but simply because he is busy with something important for him. At this age, children still cannot quickly analyze their actions. How you respond to this situation will definitely affect your child’s future development.
A lot depends on the attitude of the parents towards their baby, the time spent playing with the child, and how the parents react to their child’s disobedience.
If you only punish the child for not obeying you, then he will have no incentive to behave well, and nothing good will come of it, therefore, the child must also be praised. Praising a child for good deeds, so that he does them further, is a whole science. If in any case you are stroking the child’s head, then he will get used to it and will consider that it should be so. Praising a child is necessary only when he truly deserves it, for example, for the excellent work he did, for which he spent his personal time. It is also worth telling him that you are grateful to him for this help, the main thing is not to go too far.
Children need to be praised when they truly deserve it. If this is so, then you need to speak with them as truthfully as possible so that he remembers for the rest of his life that doing good deeds is good.
If the child wants something, then give him this as praise for a good job. The main thing is to feel the measure. A gift can be not only gadgets and sweets, a little man will definitely like it if you take it to a movie, circus or cafe, especially if it has never been there before. Women can make some sweets in honor of a small, but holiday. This approach will be much more creative than just going to the store and buying something for tea there. And if we take into account the fact that thanks to this, your child develops the ability to work in a team and joint actions bring the family together, then this option wins the trip to the store in all respects. Private chat, this video broadcast, and communicating tete-a-tete you can not only really get excited, but also get a real orgasm. In the erotic chat private chat communicate many beauties, both alone and in pairs, inviting their partners there. Therefore, when you engage in this communication, you live sex chat exclusively according to your scenario, and you will watch only that type of sex which excites you most of all. And along with all this, you will have a great opportunity to chat on sex chat video online.