Beach games with children

Adults beaches are great for sunbathing, surfing and swimming, but for children it is something more. For children, this is a completely different world. On the beaches they have all the freedom to use their imagination and increase the range of their thinking. Here they can dance, sing, play, dive, surf and dozens of other activities. Below are some of the exciting activities that can be enjoyed with children on the beach.

1. Treasure hunt
This is one of the most favorite games for children. When sand is all around you, hiding things is much more interesting. Parents can hide things under the sand and leave clues. Then they can ask the children to guess what is in each “treasury”. For example, if they put a box of jewelry under the sand, they can put a bracelet over it. The bracelet above will be a hint of what is under the sand.

2. Beach bowling
Making sand pins will be the first exciting part of this game. Instead of a bowling ball, you can use a ball or knock down pins by throwing a stick. Children can also play this game in groups, where the losers make sand pins for the winners.

3. Funny faces
The best way to play with sand is to show your creativity. You can draw numerous funny faces on the beach. By creating these faces, children can also play a game where they will talk to each other, drawing only faces and not saying a word. This will encourage them to understand the different types of human emotions. Who knows? You can get a completely new set of emoticons, invented by these little geniuses.

4. sundial
This is one of the easiest activities to enjoy on the beach. All you need is a stick and a few pebbles that you can easily find. Place the stick in the center in an upright position and spread the pebbles around it at an equal distance. Children will observe and learn how the movement of the sun is related to our time system.

5. Hide and seek and locks
Firstly, children will have to prepare several sand castles and name them individually. When the game begins, one of the children will become a seeker, and the rest will hide behind the locks. Then the Seeker will try to guess who is hiding behind which lock.

6. Game with alphabet and numbers
The beach can be considered as a large notebook for beginners who have just begun to learn the alphabet and numbers. You can help children learn to write different letters and numbers, forcing them to draw shapes on the beach. At the moment when the sea erases these drawings, children will have fun redrawing them, and this will allow them to practice. Russian Girls Live Here you can see the list of Russian girls who show their naked bodies and masturbate for you online! Click on the thumb to watch live