Features of putty walls

Puttying the walls is necessary before the final finishing stage when performing repair and construction works. Putty of the walls is needed in order to get rid of the unevenness of the walls. If the putty of the walls is poorly done, then gluing the wallpaper, painting the walls, applying decorative plaster can not be done qualitatively. The price of putty is determined by the type of putty and the materials used. There are several types of wall putty, depending on the purpose. Starting wall putty is used to smooth out rough surface defects. To improve the quality of using a masking net, which is fixed to the surface. If the defects are serious, then several layers of starting putty are applied to the surface, allowing each layer to dry. Lighthouse putty involves the preliminary installation of lighthouses. These are metal or wood slats that are level. The beacon putty method makes it possible to obtain a perfectly even vertical surface. Lighthouse puttying of the walls is carried out using the same mixtures as the starting putty. Due to the high price of the lighthouse putty, it is rarely used. To obtain a perfectly smooth surface, finishing puttying of the walls is performed. It is applied in a thin layer to the lighthouse or starting putty. To putty cracks using a solution of gypsum or alabaster. To do this, first expand the crack, primer it, and only after drying the primer is coated with a solution. The price of putty walls is determined by different factors for each specific case. Before filling the walls must be prepared. Do not allow grease stains, dirt or paint to remain on the surface of the walls. Before performing puttying, it is necessary to put a primer layer on the walls. This improves the adhesion of the putty to the surface. Dry mixes used for putty are diluted with water and mixed well. Some types of putty should be insisted for a while, in accordance with the instructions. Before applying, they are mixed again. When filling the walls, the solution is first applied to large irregularities, after which a finishing layer of putty is performed. In order to putty on the walls, it is recommended to use a metal wide spatula. Two spatulas can be used at once, both narrow and wide. It's comfortable. At the corners use a corner spatula. To complete the finish use a rubber spatula. To perform the filling of walls efficiently, it is necessary to observe some conditions, namely, to choose the right mixture for the putty and to observe the technology of filling the walls. It is preferable, of course, to entrust the work to professional performers who quickly and efficiently perform the filling of the walls. 5 euro storten casino