Description of films # 007

1. Creature from the Fog (2018)

The heroine of the film is Rachel - a young and pretty girl. Who wanted to have fun. She was only interested in relaxation and noisy parties. She was the same as her peers. And there was nothing strange about it. But she was tired of going to other people's parties. She wanted to arrange her own, so that she herself could invite people. And just be the mistress of the evening. Then peers would appreciate it. And they began to relate to her in a completely different way. All of her friends threw parties many times, and they were really very cool. These were wonderful evenings that no one could forget. Therefore, she, too, could make such a party. The only thing that bothered was the parents. Which could be against such an activity. Sorry, but they were always at home. And it was difficult for her to arrange something that could go beyond. But once the parents leave for a few days. And the girl has a chance to break away, as it should. She invites a crowd of young people. Everything is going nowhere better. Until something strange begins to happen in the evening.

2. Night Beauty (2013)

Toby is the son of a very strict person - a pastor. This man did not give him life. He demanded too much of him. He wanted the kid to forget about women and sinful relationships forever. The guy promised his father. And even wanted to keep a promise. But nothing happened. Because he started dating pretty Katie. He really loved this girl. And he wanted to marry her. But, it was necessary to hide their connection from the evil father. Therefore, they could meet only at night. Very often, their meetings took place in the cemetery. So, hardly anyone could find out that they are meeting. The life of a young man was completely adjusted and he did not want to abandon his beloved.

These events happened to Toby 6 years ago. He lost his beloved girlfriend. It so happened that the demons abducted her. Although it sounded a little strange. A lot of time passed, but the girl was never found. As a result, because of the emotions, the young man began to have paranoia. And he ended up in a psychiatric hospital. But then he was cured and he went out into the world. The guy immediately managed to find a job. He gets a tutor in one mansion. He was hired by an old woman, Wallace. Who had a young niece - Laura, similar to his lost bride. And the guy starts paranoia again. Now his life was again full of nightmare. Thank you - medication store for men viagra where you can order with fast delivery