Wallpaper on the ceiling - a new look

The ceiling can be called the fifth wall, it is always in sight, but it is precisely it that is most often overlooked when developing and implementing design solutions. The effect of a well-decorated ceiling can be incredible. What would the Sistine Chapel in Rome look like without its magnificent frescoes with a white plastered ceiling? How much poorer would the Grand Central in New York visually become without a starry sky? You need to declare your design talent or simply decorate the room, an effective and inexpensive way to do this is wallpaper on the ceiling. And this is not about the usual white wallpaper, bright colors and patterns are in fashion.
An unusual, bright or textured surface draws attention to the new space and can change the feeling of the proportions of the room, hide its imperfections, such as a low or sloping roof. When choosing a wallpaper, you need to remember that a picture that would look out of place on the walls is perfect for the ceiling, where it will look less overwhelming.
Wallpapering the ceiling has a number of indisputable advantages:
- this method of decoration will hide cracks and spots on the surface, which at the moment cannot be repaired, but can be hidden;
- A thoughtful design decision of the ceiling is a sign of an integrated approach to the design of the room, it characterizes the space as a whole, where there is no place for boring decisions; the house looks professionally decorated, which gives reason to be proud of it;
- decorating the surface with wallpaper is an absolutely inexpensive way to get an excellent result.
The usual addition of structure or color above the head can completely transform the feeling of the room. Even the white ceiling, if you add texture to it, will transform a room with a neutral interior. It is good if the wallpaper pattern repeats some interior elements - flowers or geometry. To hide minor imperfections in the surface or the complex shape of the ceiling and walls, you need to choose a wallpaper with a small pattern, a large motif is more likely to emphasize defects.
A tiled shower room with bright futuristic wallpaper on the ceiling will definitely not be boring. Light tile will further emphasize the brightness of the colors. If you additionally glue a small part of the wall, it will be even more spectacular. For the bathroom, you need to choose waterproof wallpaper or cover them with a water-repellent coating.
Choosing this method as a ceiling finish, you need to remember that not all problems can be eliminated with paper, sometimes serious repairs are required. Securetabs