New Association of Captains

An exciting operation to "rescue" paratroopers. Like a huge light bird, a helicopter landed in the water ... Of course, we had a game to some extent, if you like. Then the Swedes will find another term - “show”. It is not cost-effective to plant the rescuer and the rescuer apart from each other — fuel must be saved. Yes, and the weather "did not order" specifically. After all, when the sky is sunny, the ships serve SOS. Nevertheless, many questions have arisen. In particular, why there was only one-way communication with the SCC, which required a repeater - “Captain Izmailov”; was the flight control group really needed? And how to connect all this with the statement that the main task of the exercise is to check the connection?

Lining in connection was enough. Yes, they could not be. Immediately after the tragedy of "Admiral Nakhimov" an order was issued, which stated the need to develop a station operating on the international maritime frequencies of 156 MHz. Then there would be no need to take the flight control group aboard the marine rescuer. There was no feedback between the aviation command center and the naval headquarters on the ship. Even with a repeater.

The exercises, including the latter, showed that aviation training of sea rescuers is necessary (the study of types of airplanes, helicopters, the specifics of their maneuvering in certain conditions). In general, today there is no reliable connection with aviation. The experience of our interaction is accumulated only during the exercise.

Now about the technical means. To say that they are not there at all is impossible. Of course there is. But which ones. For comparison: the Dutch rescuers such as "Smith London" or "Smith Rotterdam" have a capacity of 22 thousand liters. with., and our "Clear" - 7.2 thousand liters. with. There are pitifters on the Dutch ships, a helicopter landing pad is mandatory, two towing winches, each drum has 1,500 meters of cable 68 mm in diameter. (On the winches of our ships are 500 m of cable.) Navigation equipment and underwater televisions. Great diving station and a large supply of fuel. And all of them! The flagship of our rescue fleet “Yasny” is a transport and towing vessel. It was intended for the Ministry of Gas Industry. There is a lot of equipment that is unnecessary for a lifeguard.

And the living conditions? What to hide, the exercise participants thought with horror that the Swedes might want to get acquainted with "Captain Fedotov," who is under thirty.

Our neighbors are much better off. In Sweden, three maritime SKTs: Harnosand organizes search and rescue of people and ships in the region of the Gulf of Bothnia, Stockholm - in the central and southwestern part of the Baltic Sea, and Gothenburg - in the Zund and Kattegat straits.

All Swedish SCCs in Sweden work in very close cooperation with the aviation rescue coordination centers of the Navy, the Air Force, the national coast guard and voluntary rescue organizations. Here is the opinion of L. Belov:

- We do not have a common rescue policy. The State Maritime Rescue Coordination Center has been established, but its capabilities are still very limited. Emergency rescue teams are subject to administrative order is not this center. Dispatching service, which is now liquidated in the Baltic Shipping Company, was transferred to the JCC. And the commercial functions of this service remained. The captains complained to me: in the winter, the cars themselves for grain had to be punched. And the SCC has the task to always be in constant readiness to provide assistance. Increased movement of small fleet, yachts. Previously, we provided assistance to sailors and fishermen, but now the main task is to assist any person in distress at sea. Yes, any far-away person who has managed to somehow give a signal for help should be saved.

Just before the Congress of People's Deputies in Moscow, Pravda published a letter from the employees of the rescue and underwater technical work team of the Kamchatka Shipping Company. As Kamchatka looked into the water: “The last years have been marked in our country by the seal of a number of major catastrophes that have arisen in the air, on land and at sea. Play today at the best kizi games.