Non-standard options for the use of baby powder

Talc powder (baby powder) can be used not only for its intended purpose, i.e. for baby care. There are other uses for this powdery substance. We will discuss them below.
Application 1
Insects really do not like the smell of this powder, especially the Khrushchevich bugs and ants are especially negative to it. To drive away pests, you just need to pour the powder at the places of their accumulation or the path of movement.
Application 2
Rodents are also afraid of this substance. So, sprinkle paths on them and they will leave you.
Application 3
Baby powder absorbs not only liquid, but also fatty traces in its structure. If you accidentally drip oil onto your favorite item, treat the powder with contamination and wait 10 minutes, and then wash the problematic clothes. No trace should remain.
Application 4
With the help of baby powder, you can get rid of the creak of the floors. For this purpose, the composition must be applied in a thick layer over all cracks, crevices and corners. The voids will clog him, and there will be no sound from the creak.
Application 5
Baby powder can even clean the dog. Let's say you went to nature, and the whole dog was taken away, and there is no place to redeem it. Then apply powder to his coat and brush it off. Pollution will stick to the powder and will be removed along with it, as will the stench.
Application 6
Powder helps out many gardeners. For example, you work in rubber gloves. The palms naturally sweat a lot. It is possible to solve, or, more precisely, prevent a problem, if you pour powder into gloves in advance. It will absorb moisture, and your hands will feel comfortable.
Application 7
I shaved today, and my face itches a lot. What I've done? Yes, everything is simple. I just hit the cheek with baby powder. Immediately, the discomfort disappeared, and the skin dried out. Now everything is all right. Women can do this when their legs are shaved.
Application 8
Powder allows you to get rid of greasy hair. For example, you are in a hurry to a meeting or an important meeting, and the water was turned off as luck would have it. Then you can take a little powder, apply on the hair and comb out. All by analogy, as with dogs.
Application 9
Based on this powder, you can make skin masks for acne. To do this, it is diluted with slightly heated water, distributed over the skin and left for 20-25 minutes, after which it is completely washed off with water.
Application 10
New shoes can cause corns to appear on the heels. But you can fill the powder inside the shoe before a walk. It will prevent sweating feet and the formation of corns. In addition, there will be no stench. Everyone who is looking for a video chat with girls, has a desire to communicate with them, and not on the most decent topics. This site gathers people from all over the world, and they all have only one thing in common, it cams girls and also intimate communication. Video chat without registration allows its users to use all the functionality of the system. Sex video chat is a pleasure for real men. Free registration gives you the opportunity to communicate with the most charming slutty girls.