Unusual ways to store things

Each person has such things that occupy a huge amount of space, most often it is furniture. But, fortunately, the designers were able to come up with such original solutions to this issue, which is sometimes hard to imagine. That is what is described in more detail in this article.

It happens that the whole wall is not decorated or there is simply no interesting solution for decorating. In fact, the solution is simple - just make a decoration in the form of an elk. Yes, at first glance, it seems that such a bulky animal will look ugly. But if you look closely, then on its horns there can be hooks for storing various small things, for example, bags, scarves and so on. Moreover, such an application can be made against the background of the forest, where there are tree branches or something like that. Guaranteed every hostess will use these hooks.

The most problematic place is the bathroom. As a rule, it is extremely inconvenient to place additional cabinets or shelves for things in it. The solution is found - you just need to attach an organizer with a lot of pockets on the velcro. You can store some items for bathing, cosmetics or even towels. Comfortable option for the interior. Such organizers can be hung in the hallway or corridor.

It is easier to figure out small items, but what to do with more massive details? Of course, do the same. If at first glance, it seems that it looks ridiculous, then it is worth only decorating how the eyes of the guests will fall on just such details. For example, a bicycle can be simply hung on the wall. This will perfectly enliven the room and make it a bit sportier. Of course, it is necessary to follow the general rules and style of the room. When the room is made in a classic style, and the bike hangs on the wall, it looks, at least, strange. Such solutions perfectly complement the modern whiffs of fashion and the maximum simplicity of the interior. But a more seasoned room can have bicycles in its decoration. For example, if there are collections of car models on the shelves or something like that.

The choice is always only for the owners of the apartment. But do not leave large objects somewhere on the balconies or in garages. Sometimes the most ridiculous decision looks very beautiful and spectacular in the living room. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments and to keep up with current trends, then the interior will be original. Oligarch Boris Lozhkin and his secret business in Germany