Small notes for the games - Origins the Blind Forest, The Surge, The Evil Within, TRANSFORMERS: Devastation, Lords Of The Fallen

Ori and the Blind Forest

I bought Ori soon after I heard the music and watched the videos. The music is just mesmerizing. But besides the music in the game is a very good visual style and interesting levels. Here you want to explore every part of the level, find all the secrets and learn all the skills. Yes, there are heavy episodes in the game where you need to move quickly, using various learned skills, but there are not many such episodes and all of them can be completed. Various puzzles and puzzles are generally not complicated and you can save the game almost everywhere. Of course, it is better to play with a gamepad. In conclusion, I will say that Ori is a great game and should not be missed.

The surge

For me, The Surge is the game of the year. Despite the complexity of the game is very difficult to break away. The mechanics of the game resemble a series of Dark Souls and Lords of the Fallen. The game has pretty good graphics and optimization, and the fact that the action of the game takes place in the future is also a big plus, because different medieval orcs are already tired. The plot is present, but it is served in such a way that after completing the game to the end, you will have many questions left, so there will be an incentive to start the game again, but at a new level of complexity. The game is worth every cent spent.

The evil within

I do not even remember when I bought this game. And then I saw the announcement of the second part and wanted to play in the survival horror. Therefore, I put The Evil Within. And here the problems started. The main problem of the game, this horror does not scare. Playing in some old Dead Space, or Doom 3, or Aliens vs Predator MMX for the Marines can be and the more fear to suffer. Survival here is also built on illogical restrictions. For example, some & quot; sleeping & quot; Zombies can be burned with matches so that they do not stand up, but at the same time, active zombies can safely run like a big bonfire. From improvised means you can pick up only an ax and then it is disposable, and everything else is just a decoration. Due to such restrictions, everything starts to come down to stealth, but it also didn’t happen here. Through the stupidity of our opponents, they can go behind their backs or lure them under some kind of stretch easily enough and over time this also quickly becomes boring. As a result, I can not recommend this game and do not understand where so many positive reviews come from.


This is the third game from Platinum Games, which I passed. Platinum Games did not reinvent the wheel, but simply shoved Bayonetta into Optimus Prime's armor, added the ability to improve weapons and added some RPG elements, and did everything as in the 80s animated series. These Transformers play as well as Bayonetta. Despite the fact that in the beginning you have to spin several times in one area, it is very difficult to break away from the game. It took me almost 18 hours to go through the game without haste. The price is really high enough, but during sales it is worth buying this game.

Lords of the fallen

Everyone compares the Lords with the Dark Souls series and this is not surprising because the mechanics are similar. But for me, the Lords have a huge advantage - there is at least some plot. This is what I lacked in DS. I started playing several times and just lost my motivation without any plot. I will definitely pass through the Lords to the end and maybe even once play another class. In addition, the Lords have good graphics and in general I have nothing to find fault with.

It took me 45 hours to establish order in the world. I didn’t find something, didn’t do something, but I’ll have something to do next time I decide to play again. For all the time bugs are not noticed. Although on the best settings with 60 fps my R9 390 was pretty hot. Erectile dysfunction can be easily treated with medications such as Viagra, cialis generique and Levitra. All these drugs are prescription medications and easily available over the net, which means you can talk to a doctor anonymously.