Natural do-it-yourself cosmetics: useful and inexpensive

Cosmetics help to feel attractive and well-groomed woman, to no small degree and at all times.
And modern girls prefer everything natural - from fabrics, from which clothes and food are “made from the market” to cosmetics.
Natural cosmetics is a means of excluding any chemical components in the composition. Their basis is fruits and salts, essential oils, vegetables and herbs, medicinal mud, etc. Means with natural ingredients are useful and very pleasant to use.
Any woman wants to be beautiful, regardless of age. But, despite the abundance of various personal care products on the modern market, we are not satisfied with its dubious quality, cost, or allergic reaction of the skin to a particular product. As a result, many people think about the independent preparation of cosmetics.
With the help of natural cosmetics, components for which you can find in your kitchen, it is possible to create products that are not inferior in quality to the novelties of world cosmetology - whether it be a foot cream or a hair mask. Not to mention the fact that it is possible and significantly save your money.
In homemade cosmetics will not be preservatives. In its quality you can be sure. And for storage any glassware with a lid is quite suitable (of course, sterile). Especially since the individual ingredients in themselves are natural preservatives.
In what cases is natural cosmetics offered in stores considered truly natural? What are the requirements for it?
- As part of the product - more than seventy percent of the components of natural origin, including extracts, oils and slightly processed natural ingredients (for example, fatty acids).
- On the package must be present the certification mark of natural cosmetics.
- Minimum or complete absence of preservatives.
- Lack of dyes and fragrances.
- Compliance with all quality standards.
- Production of raw materials only in ecologically clean areas.
- Scientifically based effectiveness of the final product.
- Hypoallergenic.
What is the use of such cosmetics?
1. First, natural raw materials provide deeper cleansing and more effective protection of the skin.
2. Secondly, in addition to the healing effect, the natural components in such a drug slow down our aging processes even at the cellular level.
Few know that the founder, Estee Lauder, began her career in fame by making cream at home. And many world famous brands “grew up” from hand-made cosmetics. And, of course, how not to remember our great-grandmothers, the recipes of which are still used in the production of an appearance care product. Not every girl can buy a tool in the store, but nature has given us everything that is needed - all that remains is to use her gifts correctly. CVV Store Forum