Put on coats, gentlemen

In 1820, the Russian sailors Bellingshausen and Lazarev discovered Antarctica, casting off the fashionable world of Europe. It turned out that the tailcoat was invented long ago by penguins. But his privileged position is for the British. While the French fought on the barricades and went with Napoleon on the Russian snow, English gentlemen smoked cigars, went to clubs and engaged in horse riding. It was inconvenient to ride in the saddle in long-length clothing, and the riders shortened the coat of the coat, made a cut on the back of the tail of the swallow.
A collector of ancient books and a dandy (in current major), Lord Spencer first put on a cropped coat. They say he burned his cigar on the floor - he had to cut it. The tails began to finish with silk so that cigar ash would slide off easily.
White tie.
Means & quot; white tie & quot ;. The event with such a norm can only come in a black dress coat. Pants to match the color with silk stripes, white vest and shirt, black socks and shoes. Solidity will give a butterfly, cufflinks and buttons - individuality, elegance - a white scarf in a pocket, if the order is not deserved. Wristwatches are not accepted, but are allowed on a chain. Today, Wi-Fi rules have fallen: black is not necessary, for example, white and dark blue. But you can still wear the coat only after 19.00.
Etiquette prohibits to be in a tailcoat on the street without a coat or cape - this does not permissively diminishes the dignity of the suit and places it in a row of everyday clothes.
In the 20th century, thanks to Marlene Dietrich, the costume became female. Used in any case, it looks very original, democratically, will force others to open their mouths. It goes well with dresses and trousers, even jeans, except for flares. In a century of naked bodies, the main thing is not to forget to wear at least a tank top under a coat. Leggings will look good, however, here you should be guided by unpredictable female logic: the less expected - the more stylish. Strong dress coat line will emphasize the figure, male style will add charisma, self-confidence and sexuality.
Dress Coat - costume of aristocrats, lackeys and musicians - a costume that must be worn. People who have problems with the figure - stooped, owners of beer stomachs - look ridiculous. For the first time wearing it will feel like a bum in a ball gown. Seasoned advised to wear a suit, like pajamas, with elegant carelessness. Practical lessons can be taken from the penguins. Welcome bonuses that a casino offers quite often, also called No Deposit Bonus , are a great instrument from which both sides profit: the casino wins a new customer and the player can play for free.