& quot; Fraudsters & quot; (2019) - Immodest charm of deception

Undoubtedly, those who don’t seem to dream are dreaming of the “easy life”, brilliance, adventure - I think it is inherent in the absolute majority of people, although of course they don’t admit it. Therefore, the stories about the brilliant scam attract and inspire both artists and dreamers simply - only very few people can boast about the incarnation of big scams. Director Chris Addison and screenwriter Stanley Shapiro shot a remake of the 1988 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels tape, which in turn was also a remake of the 1964 film Bedtime Story. However, this is not a direct retelling, but a female version - and therefore, The Hustle go hunting ...

Penny is a brazen scammer who "breeds" stories about lustful men of model appearance - and one of the failures makes her flee to Europe. However, she is not going to quit the craft, and on the French Riviera continues to hunt self-confident and gullible rich men. Here she meets a rival of an aristocratic cut in the person of Josephine, with whom she makes a bet on the right to trade in a “money place”. Women are enthusiastically taken to work without knowing where a big scam will lead them.

Stylistically, “Fraudsters” is an easy, adventurous movie, perfection itself in its naivety - if you can call it a movie about a scam. So, the actors significantly replay, it is very clearly visible. The scenario is rather sad, the jokes, although quite brave, however, do not feel heavy vulgarity in them, mainly due to the above-mentioned sincerity. Scams do not look complicated, on the contrary, everything happens easily and naturally; Separately, it should be noted and gorgeous costumes, and an atmosphere of luxury, where you can only remove the cream from the cream of society. Camera work, musical accompaniment - should not pull the viewer out of the atmosphere of ease and serenity.

Of course, a great contribution is also made by acting - the unity and struggle of opposites. The image of Penny, which the actress Rebel Wilson embodied, is the image of a “little girl”, such a supposedly simple, loose girl from the people - and it is her success that lies through incredible arrogance. Josephine, the character played by Hathaway - is the figure of an aristocratic, turns a much more complex fraud. The meeting of two women, their competition, reveals them more - and inspires the story. In general, the supporting characters play up to the two main figures more, and the triangle closes the target - the young naive millionaire Tom (Alex Sharp).

By conclusion. Of course, “Fraudsters” do not pretend to an important place in cinema, even comedy films, however, for the viewer who dreams of moving away from the everyday hustle and bustle, the tape looks almost the perfect solution, and also inspires to get acquainted with a more classical and monumental original like “Bedtime Stories” with Marlon Brando in the lead role. And yes - sometimes a scam - that's great. Popular sex chat with adult women Chaturbate and free live show.