Furniture. Chest of drawers

Nowadays there are many ways to make our apartment cozy, comfortable and stylish. Someone for this goes deeper into themes (for example, decorates a bedroom with canopies, scatters cushions in the living room, acquires low tables and selects wallpapers with oriental patterns), someone approaches luxury (buys large-sized sofas, antique cabinets and hangs heavy curtains), on the contrary, someone creates a minimalist atmosphere (places the minimum amount of furniture items), while others focus on details (for example, on the vases of the Ming dynasty or on objects of different nations). All this is interesting and individual. Unusual apartments with their own style are now in trend. So why don't you do something like that?
Here, for example, let's talk about such details of our interior as a chest of drawers. Ordinary cabinet - you say. In fact, its history contains something ancient and sacred. Not everyone has it, but those who have it are present, by their own example were convinced of its necessity, especially in the bedroom. It is considered that the classic bedroom is symbolized by a chest of drawers, which was previously transferred from parents to children and was something more than furniture. He intended to store clothes, jewelry and valuables, various necessary items. And if in the olden days it was more like a chest, now it is an improved model of a functional cabinet, of compact size and with many uses. It is performed in our time, both from precious woods and from other materials, such as glass and metal. Basically, they use solid chipboard or MDF sheets. Its back wall should be 6–8 mm thick and tight to the base. The main purpose of its use is storage, which is why there are several compartments, lockers in it, which must be moved out without any particular labor and sounds. The surface is treated with special protective materials. Some models also have special compartments for ties, jewelry and other things that are important to us. If you decide to put a chest of drawers in the nursery, be sure to focus on its height, so that the child is comfortable. Also the children's dresser must either be secured or stand securely so that your child does not drop it onto himself. Sometimes it's easier to make a chest of drawers according to your own design to accommodate all your wishes.
When you furnish an apartment with furniture, try to be pragmatic and think about the functionality of objects, and it does not matter whether you just want to buy a sofa or install a kitchen set. There must be harmony in everything.
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