Materials for the construction of residential houses

Currently there are a lot of materials for construction. Including for the construction of residential buildings. More and more citizens want to buy land outside the city and build a house for year-round living.

[b] Concrete [/ b]
Most of them require concrete. Concrete is a building material consisting of a mixture of water, cement, sand and crushed stone of a certain fraction. With the use of concrete and other building mixtures, the following blocks for building walls are made:
• Aerated concrete - cellular concrete block block, 85% of the volume of which is occupied by gas bubbles. For its manufacture using lime, cement, sand, aluminum paste;
• Foam concrete - cement, lime, sand, foam are part of this building block.

[b] Brick [/ b]
In the construction of houses often use bricks. Brick is:
• Ceramic - made from clay or a mixture of clays. There are two types: building - used for walls - partitions, main walls, sometimes reinforced belts. Facing, which is used mainly for wall cladding.
• Silicate - consists of a mixture of lime and sand. The brick color is mostly white. Its advantages are that this brick conducts heat poorly and has good sound insulation.
• Hyper pressed - made from a mixture of limestone, dyes and cement.

[b] Tree [/ b]
Wood is used for building houses, building roof frames, building floors, etc. The following types of wood are used in construction: pine, larch, spruce, aspen, cedar, oak.

[b] Roofing materials [/ b]

The following materials are used to overlap the roof:
The first and cheapest is slate. Slate is made of cement with the addition of asbestos fibers. The service life of such material will be 20 - 30 years. The advantages of this material in its price, also slate is a good insulator of sound and electric current. The downside is its lifespan, and it’s also very fragile.

[i] Ondulin [/ i]
This material consists of cellulose fibers with bitumen impregnation. The service life of about 20 years. It is used to overlap the roof of economic and technical premises

[i] Profiled [/ i]
Widespread material. It has a large color range, can also be galvanized. The advantages are simplicity in working with this material, as well as simplicity in its maintenance. Of the minuses - poor sound insulation. Ils s'en foutent supposé que ces ventes en tenant Cialis sont à bizarre rang prouesse ou si Bob Captation approuve ceci Viagra {Viagra - citrate de sildénafil sildénafil} ils non veulent lequel à elles érection, dont qu'il arrive.