Best contraceptives # 1

The best contraceptives

Contraceptives are available in several forms - hormonal and non-hormonal, oral tablets, suppositories, barrier preparations, in particular, vaginal rings and condoms, intrauterine devices (IUDs). How to choose a contraceptive - a question we will consider in detail. Each group, based on the analysis of the most common and effective ..

What are the best contraceptives - a woman should start from their preferences and physiological characteristics of the body. Whether it will be barrier contraception, an intrauterine device, which can be bought in almost every pharmacy or oral pills, the choice is purely individual. The main advice is that it should be coordinated with the gynecologist.

How to choose contraceptives

What are the best contraceptives in the 2019 ranking? Next is a summary table of drugs - it presents the best, according to doctors and patients, contraceptives, a brief description of each tool, prices, selection criteria. It is important to take into account the quality of the product, cost and availability in pharmacies, shelf life and even ease of use.

Contraceptive rating

The choice of a contraceptive or drug, the doctor prescribes after a gynecological examination. The specialist gives a certain list of means, of which the woman herself makes the choice and as such there is no strict framework in it. But how to make the right choice? After all, any drug or drug has its analogs and features of use. The rating of the best contraceptives will help, indicating their strengths / weaknesses, the principle of action and other important points ..

Contraceptive Pill Rating

Place Name Price

Birth control pills .

1 Yarin 800 rubles

2 Jess 1600 rubles

3 Novinet 470 rubles

4 Triquilar 610 rubles

Contraceptive candles.

1 Pharmatex 300 rubles

2 Nonoxynol 390 rubles

Intrauterine devices.

1 Juno Bio-T 140 rubles

2 Mirena 1100 rubles

3 Multiload KU-375 2700 rubles

The best contraceptive patch.

1 Evra 1 000 rubles

The best barrier contraceptives.

1 Novaring 1070 rubles

2 Contex Condoms 100 rubles

A drug group is a hormonal or non-hormonal birth control pill, the rating of which is presented in the summary table.