Chinese car DVR H 198

We decided to order a DVR in my car, and since I have been ordering withabay for a long time, this store was the choice for the order. For a long time we did not look for him; he suited us in price and quality. We ordered one at the beginning, for verification.

Review of car DVR H 198

It turned out to be very good, the camera shoots clearly, in the daytime and at night, there are almost no differences. The car number is always read and this made us very happy. The viewing angle of the camera record is no less attractive 120 degrees, covers the entire area of ​​the road. You can rotate the display to view the video for both the driver and the passenger, which is important in the operation of the DVR. It records 30 frames per second, you can view the recording both from it and from the computer, there is a cord to connect to it. A clear recording of the conversation, without any hissing and interference.

I’m glad that the DVR comes in Russian and you don’t have to worry for a long time - look for a translation. Having seen this DVR with us, friends and acquaintances wanted the same in their car and we ordered a batch then. They broke up in just one day. Now, despite the fact that there are a lot of new DVRs, we are not changing this, since it suits us in everything, both in price and quality. Many acquaintances change their old expensive DVRs to this one, since it is better than expensive in terms of quality of shooting and technology.

How it works?

You connect it to the windshield, turn on the motion detector and when you start moving or near your car, something moves, the DVR turns on automatically and starts recording.

Advantages and advantages of the product.

Shooting night vision, a motion sensor, time and date display - all this I consider as a big plus of the H 198 video recorder. And also, the camera girth of 120 degrees is no less important. Plus, it comes with a USB cable, from which you can view all your recordings. Also, automatic deletion of video when the memory runs out on the card.
Disadvantages and cons of goods

The battery with the power supply turned off holds the charge for about 2-3 hours of shooting. Flash card not included. Need a map for a digital camera. The registrar mounts are plastic, but I would like metal. Does not support 32GB card.

Purchase Conclusion

In general, this DVR fully satisfies us and we will order it again and again. In no case do not connect the DVR directly from the cigarette lighter, it will burn! And do not confuse the plus with the minus, it can also lead to a fire. Log into several Dark Web marketplaces using only the alternative link Market Url it stores active urls of most popular Darknet marketplaces