Our store offers a huge selection of stationery from various manufacturers. There are inexpensive, but high-quality Russian, Chinese products. The average price niche is stationery of Czech, Spanish, Russian, German manufacturers. As well as more expensive, professional products of various brands. In particular, Koh-i-noor, Milan, Pilot, ErichKrause, Kalyaka-Malyaka, Gamma, Hatber, Retype, Sponsor, Index, Proff Berlingo, Goznak, etc.

Office products are mainly represented by: printing paper of various formats and densities, office supplies (pens, punchers, staplers, erasers, organizers, notepads, scissors, sticky stickers, diaries, clips, glue, markers, etc.), folders for A5, A4, A3 format papers, calculators, globes.

Children's assortment of stationery is very wide: briefcases and satchels, everything for children's creativity (drawing albums, scissors, felt-tip pens, colored pencils, gouache, water-colors, plasticine, play forms, modeling mass, modeling boards, design paper, corrugated paper, paints on glass, ceramics, clay, etc.), notebooks with colorful covers, pencil cases, pens, pencils, erasers, etc.

There are on sale children's school supplies with images of popular characters from films and cartoons, such as Winx, Cars, Spiderman, Bakugan.

Here you will find rods on any pen, notebooks of different formats, colors and binding. From, familiar to everyone from school, green notebooks with the multiplication table on the back, to notebooks with a hard colorful binding and lock of curious glances. For the school season, the entire range of products for schoolchildren is expanding, including diaries, notebooks, pencil cases, drawing albums.

For high school students and students, there is a drawing paper of A4, A3, A2, A1 format, A4, A3 drawing paper, drawing sets, notebooks of A5, A4 format, tubes, maps, high-quality black graphite pencils, erasers.

We listen to the opinions and needs of our customers, accept collective and individual orders for office supplies.

The range of the store has more than 10,000 items of stationery, is constantly updated and expanded, taking into account the needs of customers. We appreciate each of our clients, so we try to fulfill all orders and wishes quickly and efficiently. Önde gelen bahis sitelerinden biri - pin up bahis sitesi .