How to choose a hospital?

By law, the expectant mother has the right to give birth in any maternity hospital in which she wishes, whether it be childbirth in the United States or Russia. You can never know exactly what day the baby will appear. Therefore, to begin to choose the hospital should be in advance. It is best to address this issue in the middle of pregnancy. After all, it will take you a lot of time. You need to gather the necessary information, study the reviews, go on an excursion and talk to the doctors.

[b] Why choose a maternity hospital yourself? [/ b]

A woman cannot be sure that the birth will be easy and smooth. After all, even if the entire pregnancy proceeds perfectly, no one is immune from complications at birth. And in this case, just need qualified assistance and modern equipment. It is also possible to choose a doctor who will take delivery. You will agree that you will be calmer if a professional who knows his work well and you turns out to be close at such a crucial moment.

[b] Criteria for choosing a maternity hospital [/ b]

1. How far is your home from the hospital. Or in other words, how long it will take you on the road. Of course, childbirth, especially if it is the first, will not end an hour after it has begun. However, contractions are still better experienced in a comfortable ward under the supervision of doctors, and not in a long journey by car from home to the hospital.

2. Further, of course, you need to know the conditions of stay in the ward. How many people is the chamber designed for? Are there single rooms in this hospital if you want to be alone with the baby? Is it even possible to stay in the same room with your newborn baby?

3. Of course, you should pay attention to the condition of the wards, beds and showers, even if it is a birth in Miami. What things can you provide right there, on the spot, and what you will need to take with you?

4. You need to pay attention to the technical equipment of the delivery room. How is it equipped, can they help you in an emergency, what types of anesthesia are there? If you want your husband to attend childbirth, you need to clarify this.

5. The children's ward also matters. Be sure to check how qualified doctors are there, what kind of nurses there are and how they treat newborns in general.

6. When you choose a particular doctor, be sure to find out about his reputation. It is also advisable to meet with him so that you can discuss the plan of childbirth, etc. En kral bonuslar ve hediyeler sadece burada var: bahigo mobil .