How to increase lactation: useful tips

There is no need to talk for a long time about the benefits of lactation for a child, because everyone knows that breast milk contains the entire set of vitamins and nutrients necessary for a baby, and even the best formulas cannot replace it.
Nature has laid down that every woman has the ability to breastfeed, but there are times when there is not enough milk in order for the baby to receive the required dose of nutrition and gain weight.
There are a number of tips that will help a woman to normalize lactation.

Tip No1. Balanced nutrition nursing mom.
Feeding women should be rich in proteins and minerals. It is necessary to remember about the drinking regimen: mother is recommended to drink at least two and a half liters of liquid per day. Lactogenic properties have carrot juice, a drink of cumin, anise infusion and dill seeds, radish juice with honey. Mention should also be made of specialized teas for nursing mothers, which contain natural components that improve lactation.

Tip No2. Feeding on demand.
Feeding the baby at the time when he asks for it, and not according to the regimen, will also help to establish feeding, since private attachment to the breast increases milk production. Night feeds are especially valuable, since it is during this period that the hormone prolactin is produced, which promotes milk production.

Tip No3. Calm and good sleep.
For normal lactation, a woman should be relaxed, rested, so she is recommended to sleep at least eight hours a day, including, do not forget about daytime sleep.

Tip No4. Hot or cold shower.
A great way to cause milk rush is to take a hot shower (temperature is about 45 degrees). A contrast shower will also be beneficial for the mother's body. The shower can be replaced with hot compresses on the chest area, as well as hot-water foot baths.

Method No5. Massage.
To enhance lactation, a breast massage is great, during which you can rub castor oil into it. This massage can be done independently, the duration should be two or three minutes for each breast.

Method No6. Control of proper attachment to the chest.
Only with the right attachment of the child to her mother's breast is the necessary stimulation of the nipples, contributing to the flow of milk. The baby should completely cover the nipple areola with the mouth. It is important that the woman chooses the most comfortable position for feeding the child, in which she can relax to the maximum.