How to get rid of corns

Corn is a thickening on the skin with a deep-rooted root. It is the root part that causes severe pain. Cornea usually occurs on the feet.
Corn is a protective reaction of the body. It is formed due to wearing uncomfortable shoes.
In advanced cases, you cannot remove the corn yourself. Here you have to resort to the help of a doctor. The most effective way is to remove the corns with a laser. Under its influence, the cells of the corn dry up, and it disappears with the root.
If the corn is not old, it is easy to remove in the cabin. And small corns are easily removed if you first steam your feet in a bath with the addition of soda. After that, using pumice, the cornified layer is washed off, and the skin is treated with cream. It is enough to repeat this procedure several times, and calluses can be forgotten.
For self-removal of corns, you can use pharmaceuticals that have salicylic as well as lactic acid. These tools will help remove corns and even warts.
A drop of this product must be applied to the corn itself, wait for it to dry, and then cover with a piece of gauze and glue with a plaster. Treat corn in such a way every day. After some time, hardened skin is removed with pumice.
The corn remedy is very corrosive, so it should not be in contact with healthy skin. When applying the skin around the cream should be smeared.
There are home remedies that can fix the problem without resorting to drugs from the pharmacy and procedures in the salon. They act more gently, but it takes more time to remove calluses than if you use pharmaceutical preparations.
1. From onion, garlic and lemon peel with pulp make gruel. Spread on steamed corn. Cover with a piece of bandage and glue.
2. Bake the onion. Then cut it in half, attach one part to the corn. Bandaged and left overnight.
3. Put the husks of onion in a jar and pour vinegar. Insist in a dark place for two weeks. Ready tincture to use as night compresses.
All of these procedures must be done before completely getting rid of corns.
To the corns did not appear, you should wear comfortable, quality and size shoes.
And, of course, do not forget to be attentive to the feet. Soda baths and softening cream for the night will help keep the skin of the feet soft. Cette maladie peut être guérie efficacement pendant prenant du acheter Cialis sans ordonnance générique lequel détend ces muscles du pénis et améliore la baisse sanguine.