I just received a mail from some guy with a weird email, so if you are reading it right now then pay a little attention. My writing skills are surely not professional as my author description suggests but blogging isn’t just about writing skills and I am still working hard on them. The reason behind writing in a “not so pro” way is that we just want our readers to feel like our friends. Today, a lot of games Sony Playstation can be played online, for example on the Friv online games

Time to get back to the article. So the next-gen consoles are here and to be honest, PS4 is totally dominating this generation. It has good titles, a great (and sexy too) gamepad with many indie games. PlayStation has always been my first choice. I like Xbox One too but its too expensive for me so that is the reason why I love PS4. Just like every other article of something’s origins, this time we bring you “The Origins Of PlayStation”. So today its time to talk about Ken Kutaragi who is also known as “The Father Of PlayStation”.

I used to love PS2 and I also liked a few PS1 titles. PSP is also a good one in my choice. I write about the childhood of the creators in this kind of articles too and I know it is weird for sure but its where all the magic starts and it was not different in Ken’s childhood.

Ken’s parents ran a printing plant and after school, he would work in it. He didn’t do it because of some financial difficulties though by Japanese standards his family wasn’t wealthy but still he used to do it because of his interest in machines. He was good in studies too. So because of all his interest in electronics and machines, he enrolled in University of electro-communications and graduated with an electronics degree.

After graduating, he started working for Sony and because of his skills, he soon became a problem solver of the company and has worked on many successful projects including LCD screens. Ken saw his little girl playing on Famicom and knew that there was a bright future of video games (as you can see today, the world is full of gamers.) But at that time, Sony wasn’t interested in something like that.

At that moment, Nintendo wanted someone to create a sound chip named SPC700 and Ken worked on it without letting Sony know but when his work came to light in front of Sony’s executives, they were very furious about it. Good thing is that Ken’s job (and PlayStation) was saved because of company’s CEO, Norio Ohga.

After all this, he asked the company to fund his project, Super Famicom CD which soon resulted in a device called “Playstation”. It could run both Super Famicom CD and Super CD games. Unluckily (or maybe luckily), the partnership between Sony and Nintendo soon faltered. Even after that, Ken was interested in Playstation. In that time, gaming wasn’t considered a good business by most people so it was a risky move by Sony but Ken had support of the CEO and that is how the PS1 came into existence.

We all love the Playstation but let's stumble the details and know more about the creator of it, his inspirations, earlier problems and about how it became the top console.

I have included an info-graphic in this article which will show you special stuff about the PlayStation series.

Playstation has a blog and interacts with fans all the time, 1 phone, 2 handhelds from which the first one, Playstation Portable is the first video game handheld console so that is something to be proud of. Something cool and funny, I wanted that phone as a kid and I guess we all did. Hey so let’s have a big hand for Playstation.

It has changed consoles totally, I can’t even imagine gaming if it wasn’t here. PS2 has played a big part in my childhood, especially its titles like WWE Here Comes The Pain, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and if I make a list of that, its gonna be so big. I really felt bad after they stopped its production and I still do but every good thing ends someday (just heard this dialogue in Now You See Me today).