Textured plaster: what is it and what are its qualities

Making walls truly spectacular with simple plaster is impossible. After all, this material is intended for rough alignment, and not for finishing. It is quite another thing - textured plaster. This is a composition with unique characteristics, through which it is not difficult to get a great lining with excellent performance.

What kind of plaster is called textured

In the manufacture of this product is used as the basis of any binder composition: lime, cement, glue. To this composition add ingredients that determine the appearance of the final finish. For example, wood chips, pieces of cloth, stone chips and so on can be used. It is this feature that makes textured plaster unique. What are its important characteristics? They are described below.

The main advantages of textured plaster

1. Presentable. It is clear that a fundamentally significant feature of such a finishing material is precisely an incredibly aesthetic appearance. Textured plaster can look completely different. But in any case, the finish will be very spectacular and truly unique.

2. Good insulation performance. Textured plaster, oddly enough, significantly increases the insulating quality of the working surface. This is explained by two factors. First, it is applied in a thick layer. Secondly, the additives in its composition additionally increase the insulation.

3. Durability and wear resistance. Damages and traces of scuffs on textured plaster do not appear for a very long time. It is able to withstand mechanical stress, long serves with proper care. At the same time, it is possible to wash off contamination from it even with the use of chemical detergents.

4. Universality in application. Textured plaster is used when working in living rooms, in the kitchen, and sometimes even during external repair work. Only in this case, you need to make sure that the specific material purchased is suitable for exterior decoration.

Textured plaster problems

Among the most serious problems of the product can be called the high cost and complexity of application. But these are not so big disadvantages as to refuse to use such an amazing finishing material. If you spend a little more than on familiar materials, as well as invite experts, the result will not disappoint the owner for sure. Lider bahis sitesinin bahsegel yeni adresi ne girin.