The beginning of the year of new brands is always full of promises and countless opportunities. What do designers, book authors, fashion boutiques, textile artists and some media representatives say about forecasts for 2019 about eco-fashion?

I believe that interest in everything natural will continue to grow, but the predominant desire will be to reach a deeper and more technical level. Designers try to comprehend how big their role is in supporting and moving us into the future, and they are trying to understand where and how they can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save money and continue to improve their influence on the mind, subject to a positive attitude towards the environment.

 Customers will increasingly seek out - because they are increasingly in need of values, quality and a variety of choices. More than one generation will grow until we fully understand that we should spend money on those things that really contribute to the prosperity of life, and we will begin to say "no, thank you" all that is no longer in line with our values ​​and newfangled lifestyles. Predictions for 2019 are as follows:

 More transparency in business practice, supplies, sources, etc., more explanations why things relate to eco-fashion, an understanding of all living things on our planet, an appeal to vegetarianism, humanity as a whole is involved in the consciousness of higher order.

 Designers continue to raise and develop the use of processed products, complementing the use of materials in various ways. The main line is the use of used television screens in combination with protectors, wood and cork. We will be associated with many organizations around the world to promote our ideas.

 As for the main trends, it should be said that shorts, for example, will occupy a position approximately equal to the place of the skirt. Although they were on the verge of extinction for several seasons, we expect an explosion in the popularity of shorts in the fall of 2019. Created cotton twill and soy jersey for shorts for shows on the catwalks of 2019. As we enter the new decade, we expect business clothing, while smart clothes will be the main trend in 2019. Interesting collections have been created in which fabrics of jersey made from bamboo and silk from hemp are used simultaneously, which naturally creates a luxurious look that at the same time will be suitable and comfortable for you. порнушка