Balcony design is becoming increasingly common.

Recently, the decoration and repair of balconies have become increasingly popular, as a result of which they are transformed beyond recognition. Designers develop for them special interiors that are not inferior to other rooms in an apartment or house. Loggia ceases to be a kind of storage room for old skis and other unnecessary things, now more and more often someone breeds greenhouses on it, someone turns it into a resting place, and someone - generally in the continuation of the room or kitchen.

The glazing of the loggia has long become a normal phenomenon, moreover, the glazing of balconies is simply vital. This is an additional protection and isolation from the still-growing street noise of megalopolises. In addition, the glazing is one of the first steps in the decoration of the balcony, without which not a single real repair. Due to the special method of glazing, you can also increase the total area of ​​the room, which is also very useful, especially for those housewives who love to grow plants.

Balcony trim also includes its lining from the inside, and if necessary from the outside, with a special material: wood, clapboard or plastic. In this case, the walls can also be insulated with special heat-retaining layers. If the balcony is connected to another room due to the demolition of the wall between them, then, as a rule, it is additionally warmed using the “warm floor” method, or central heating or electric heating is carried out there.

After that, the designers of the premises take up the business in order to realize their personal ideas or fantasies of the owner of housing. Either the owners themselves trim, as they wish, their renovated loggia. Flowers, built-in furniture, upholstered furniture, tables, shelves for books, bar counters, etc. are placed there. It all depends on what they want to turn their new premises into.

Such transformations have become possible thanks to the emergence of modern building and finishing materials, as well as the existing various furniture options, which can be of various types and sizes.

Design finds can be viewed in large furniture stores that do not exhibit their furniture in rows, but by combining from it the interior of various residential premises. Many photos of finished balconies posted on the Internet. On the basis of them, you can come up with your own version of the transformation. The size of the balcony in this case does not matter, as practice shows, the "candy" can be made from almost any. A convenient and easy way to rent a car in bishkek ⚡ We can find the perfect rental car for your vacation or business trip through the most popular destinations of Kyrgyzstan