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Everything you need to know about Cialis

Many men are mistaken in thinking that immediately after taking the pill there is an erection, which cannot be eliminated during the entire period of action. However, everything is different. The product does not cause an erection, but only helps the sexual organ to take the desired condition during sexual games. Without stimulation, the emergence of an erection is impossible. Spontaneous cases are excluded.

If you are excited naturally, which is often the case with men watching a naked woman, the penis will need to be taken up almost immediately - just like without the use of medication. Cialis generic supports this condition, giving the man confidence in his own strength and capabilities. Similarly, a more expensive analogue, Viagra, works.

Cialis is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, so that the action comes in half an hour after using the capsule. This time may be reduced if the tablet is taken on an empty stomach.

There are no harmful side effects of the drug. In some cases, mild headaches and dizziness may occur. Side effects can only become unsafe if the product is used incorrectly or if it is overdosed. The number of pills taken does not affect the strength and stability of the erection, so there is no need to experiment. For those men who use the drug for the first time, 0.5 capsules are enough to achieve the desired result.

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Cialis can be used by the stronger sexes for various violations:
Psychological problems negatively affecting sexual function;
Early ejaculation. The drug allows you to control both the onset of erection and orgasm;
Some diseases of the genitourinary system. In this case, it is worth visiting a specialist and getting professional advice before you start using it;
Unstable erection.
Cialis has passed all the necessary tests, has the appropriate certificates, so it is completely safe for health. It does not affect the reproductive function, is not addictive and can be used as a temporary or permanent medicine.