Buy images from photostocks (microstocks, photobanks, stock photo agencies)

Photostocks (microstocks, photobanks, stock photo agencies) — a huge database of high-quality illustrations and photographs, which are exhibited for free sale on different terms with different levels of royalties to the authors. The cost of selling (or single download) is about $0.15.
Having understood what photostocks (microstocks, stock photo agencies) are and how they work, let's decide which ones are worth cooperating with. To do this, we have compiled a brief comparative description of stock photos on the items that are important when selling images. We gathered all photostocks (Canstockphoto, Big stock photo, Canva, Shutterstock, Depositphotos, Dreamstime), analyze their image offers for purchase, image prices and made here the table with comparance of photobanks for buyers. You can also read more about the most popular photo stocks agencies from the list below.
Recall that the photostock policy does not prohibit cooperation with several virtual sites at the same time (provided that you are not the exclusive author of a particular stock), so we recommend that you start working on the maximum possible number of microstocks at the same time. You have to pay for everything, and high-quality visual content is no exception. The rest of the work with photobanks is prosaic: registration, balance replenishment, search for the frame of interest according to the specified parameters and download it after payment.
Therefore, we have a direct road to photo banks, where it is absolutely legal to buy (and sometimes get free) photos, illustrations, vector images, videos and other content.
True, photo banks do not guarantee that the image you bought will be only yours, but still the probability of meeting it somewhere else is much lower than the pictures from Google.
If you are a photographer, the photo Bank of photos for you – a great opportunity for earnings and promotion.
Let's look at the stock photo agencies in more detail. Photobank is interested in attracting new authors who can sell their works and receive a Commission from the sale. The stock photo agency imposes standard requirements for the quality of the photos.
The Commission that the photo Bank takes from the sale of each photo is from 30 to 50 percent for the photos, depending on the size, income tax is also deducted from the remaining money, the rest is paid to the author. The minimum payment amount is 3000 rubles.
One of the requirements of the photobank to the authors is the conclusion of a written contract, which must be signed and sent by mail. The content of contracts for the use of purchased materials varies from photobank to photobank, but the differences are usually minimal. Usually the difference lies in the points of compliance with the requirements of local and international laws, as in each country they are different.
As mentioned earlier, there are a number of types of licenses that provide rules for the use of photobanks materials. The standard royalty-free license allows the use of purchased material in advertising, on the Internet, in various presentations, videos, Purchasing a license for the material, you get the right to reuse it (for example, 100 times to print) with the fulfillment of the terms of the license agreement.

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