Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The capital of the Netherlands was able to preserve the atmosphere of the Middle Ages with unique architecture. Thanks to the many channels, there are about 1000 bridges here that glow at night with many small lanterns, and an unusual magical look is created.
One of the main attractions of the city is Leidseplein. This place has become the center of nightlife. There are various clubs, shops, theaters and cafes in the square. Street magicians, actors and musicians will entertain you all night. The square also houses the Bulldog Palace coffee shop, which is famous among tourists. Its early building belonged to a police station.
Amsterdam gave the world a lot of creative personalities who were either born here or give the world their best works, spending time here. That is why you should definitely go to the Van Gogh Museum, there are about 200 of his paintings, letters and even letters from his correspondence with his brother, which are combined in a three-volume edition. In the museum you can not only enjoy the artist’s work, but also visit his creative laboratory, the atmosphere of which they tried to bring as close as possible to his own.
Arriving in Amsterdam, everyone should visit the National Maritime Museum. The catholic church has been preserved in the house; it is also called the temple of Our Beloved Lord In the Attic. It completely restored the interior and the organ. On the lower floors are paintings of artists of the XVII century, restored kitchen and church utensils.
The most famous place in Amsterdam is the Red Light District. This is an area that, in the 14th century, was chosen by girls of easy virtue because of their good location. It is located in the city center and close enough to the port. Until today, taverns, brothels and churches are still located nearby. Of course, all the fun here begins closer to the night. Loud music, color illumination, a crowd of people and many prostitutes for every taste - all this saturates the quarter closer to midnight.
Amsterdam is a city that will not only surprise you with its architecture, but also give you a sea of ​​impressions from visiting various entertainment venues, as well as unusual cafes, restaurants and bars. Friendly atmosphere, low houses, canals and squares you will not find all this in any European capital. $5 deposit casino nz